Company GIPROSVYAZ-SPb and its activity on the Russian telecommunication market.



Open Joint stock Company «GIPROSVYAZ-SPb», was established in 1937 as a network design institute.  



Starting from 1937 until 1993 institute carried out functions of telecommunication network design and network construction organization. In April 1993 as a result of economic changes in the country institute was transformed to open joint stock company "GIPROSVYAZ-SPb". For more than 75-year history of the enterprise thousands of telecommunication objects were designed and constructed by our experts in the cities of Russian Federation, CIS and in the countries of Asia, Africa and South America . For already more than 25 years "GIPROSVYAZ-SPb" is one of the largest   network design companies in Russian Federation . Today «GIPROSVYAZ SPb» is company, which has EN ISO 9001 certificate issued by European TUV SERT body and has its branches in Moscow and Novosibirsk .  


GIPROSVYAZ-SPb offers:  

  •         unique experience of implementation of the fundamental projects which are now the basis for networks of the fixed-line telephony and mobile communication for the majority of operators of Russia;   
  •         the presence on territory of Russian Federation ;  
  •         certificates and admissions for all types of the performed works and all levels of the admission to the data which are the state secret;  
  •         transparency of all processes during implementation of projects and interaction with the customer;    
  •         work within Federal Law №233 and Federal Law №44 (94);   


GIPROSVYAZ-SPb relies on specialists in the telecommunications field and its technical solutions enable its partners to meet complex requirements on time. Giprosvyaz - SPb provides consulting services to leading vendors  and mobile/wireless network operators across the world in the area of:


·         Telecommunications Master Planning 


·         Radio Network Planning 


·         Transmission Planning  


·         Core Network Planning  


·         Radio Network Optimisation


·         End-to-end Network Performance Management  


·         Network Performance Benchmarking  


·         Feasibility Studies  


·         Indoor design and optimisation  


·         Pre-Bid & RFQ Support  


·         Roll Out Support and Project Management  


·         Design and planning long - distance optic fiber cable


Company has great experience in working with such companies as Ericsson, Siemens, NEC, Alcatel, ItalTel, Lucent Technologies and other well-known telecommunication companies. For the past few years GIPROSVYAZ-SPb has executed great number of International projects with Finish, British, Dutch telecommunication companies and recommended itself as an excellent business partner.



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192029, Saint - Petersbourg, Bolshoy Smolenskiy pr., 2  

tel.:  (812) 365-17-00  

fax:  (812) 412-78-75  



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